Retrospective: Crush Season

We’ve waited all year for crush season to come around again. We’ve waited patiently through a pandemic and fires, smokey days, and months of slow business. Crush season is Napa at its best. Balls, parties, and stomps aside, crush season is when the valley’s vibrant agricultural industry beckons visitors from around the world to peer into Vintage 2020. What a year it has been! What excitement is still to come! In Napa, our way of life looks ahead by way of taking stock of what we’ve produced in the recent past. It’s both retrospective and prospective.

Here at the Register Square, we look ahead to the construction of our final phase (Podium building, commercial storefronts, and 32 units) by taking stock of what we’ve produced. We took a surface lot and a badly damaged single story commercial building, and created thoughtful, stylish homes along Third Street in Napa which blend in and add modern notes to the historic neighborhood and the up-and-coming downtown core.

We are so excited to share our next construction phase with you. In honor of our new beginnings, we raise a glass to our recent past. With 19 homes built and 14 sold in Phase 3, we still have 18 units for sale with a variety of floorplans to choose from.

Let us know if you’d like a brochure! In the meantime, cheers to progress!

–The Register Square